Yani Sheng (b.1982)

Born in Taiwan, raised in Belize, and educated in Canada, transplant Yani Sheng has recently taken roots in Columbus, Ohio. She received her B.F.A. in Visual Art and her Bachelor of Education from Memorial University. Having exhibited in a number of galleries abroad, including Image Factory Gallery, JL Gallery and SWGC Gallery, Yani has now found herself immersed in the Columbus local art scene.

In 2018, Yani had her first solo exhibit in Columbus at BrickBox Studios and was selected as an emerging artist by the Columbus Art Festival. Her work was also featured in the Columbus Museum of Art’s “An Evening with Art 2018.”

Yani is known for her Flow series about the flow of energy in the body and its effect on our mental state. The concept came to her as part of her everyday experiences -- practicing yoga, wall climbing, and painting, or just any experience in everyday life where you are there in a moment of concentration. In that concentration, you will experience a joy of being. Everything comes together with little effort -- like playing a perfect music piece. That is the flow.

  Netsuke Series

Yani is also working on a series that is inspired by the traditional Japanese sculptures known as Netsuke. She uses the subject matter from these tiny sculptures and bring them to life, adding her own contemporary style of Flow to this traditional art form. With this process, she also get to explore the Japanese side of her ancestry.



Photo Credit: Derek Coons

Photo Credit: Derek Coons